Hot Springs & Steam

The waters of the Rio Caliente rise at temperatures as high as 157 degrees F from an underground volcanic lake. The water is highly alkalizing with a pH over 7.0, and soaking in it is particularly beneficial in counteracting the acidic nature of modern living.


Swimming and Soaking

Soaking in the hot spring pools is one of the most relaxing and healing things you can do here. There are two lap pools, filled directly from the hot springs; temperatures vary from 80-105 degrees F.

We also have two enclosed plunge pools, one for men and one for women, for those who prefer nude sunbathing and swimming.

We do not treat our pool water with artificial chemicals; pools are drained and scrubbed thoroughly every week.

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Mayan Steam Room

Hot water from the volcanic springs is fed directly into our steam room's underground chamber. Fresh cut eucalyptus branches infuse the air with a light soothing aroma.